Chairman's Word T Option

Fahad Al Osi

Executive Director

I liked to focus in my speech on the concept of modern marketing that keeps pace with modernity, as this word “marketing” has become very prominent in the past years.

I focused on that for a main reason which is the tremendous development in information technology in all fields and disciplines that made marketing an important thing in the future of any institution or company, and this development created a qualitative leap in marketing and made it provide new job opportunities for people who want to start their independent and private projects, but they do not have the financial capabilities.

Marketing has become a remarkable and effective tool for achieving growth, and its modern methods and approaches have jumped to trends that are in line with the changes of the current era.

There are those who see marketing as an art in and of itself, and I disagree with, as real experiences over the past years have proven that marketing in the modern sense is also a science.

Thus, to excel in the marketing field you need to have both science and talent. Marketing in various fields have become an urgent and indispensable necessity, hence its role as a tool and a cornerstone for success, increasing profits and commissions, and achieving all short, medium and long-term goals.